NEO-RLS News-February 9, 2022

Diversity and Dewey

A Note from the Executive Director

During the past two years we have worked diligently to make our webinars and online workshops as interactive and engaging as possible and have asked our presenters to keep this in mind as they create their programs.  As a result, you may have noticed an increased use of breakout rooms.  While we thought this was a great idea and easy to implement, we have noticed that many participants aren’t as enthusiastic about breakout rooms as we are and that the implementation of them during a webinar isn’t always easy for everyone to navigate.  In addition, we have noted that some participants look at the use of breakouts as a reason to leave the webinar, thus missing out on content.  As an introvert who cringes at the thought of being put in a breakout room to role play with others, I totally get it!  So, what are we going to do about it?  We are going to start by including information in the registration information as to whether or not breakout rooms will be used.  Additionally, we will try to note whether or not the breakouts will be for brainstorming, role playing, roundtable discussion, etc.  We won’t always know this ahead of time but will do our best to note the intent when we can.  We will also mention if there will be other interactions such as the use of Padlet, etc.  Most importantly however, we just want you to know that it’s okay not to enter the breakout rooms and that it doesn’t mean you need to leave the program.  We always announce how long the breakouts will last, so take that moment to get some coffee, return an email or take a comfort break and then return to the webinar.  If you are into breakout rooms, we hope you enjoy.  Our goal is to help everyone feel comfortable and get the most out of our programs in the way that suits them best.   Together we are maximizing library potential.  Have a great week! 


Post and Share Continuing Education Opportunities

CE @ a Glance is a simple one-page flyer to distribute to your staff.  You can print it, link it, or post it, please share it.

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NEO-RLS Announcements

Look for your 2022 NEO-RLS Statewide Salary Survey Email!
Libraries throughout the state will be receiving an email next week regarding the upcoming deployment of the 2022 NEO-RLS Statewide Salary Survey on March 1, 2022.  If you have questions, please contact Betsy Lantz or Debbie Blair.

"Salary benchmarking is such an important part of our overall compensation strategy. We annually review competitive benchmarks for our library jobs both within and without the library field. This allows us to make data driven decisions to maintain a compensation plan that provides internal and external equity. In the benchmark process it is critical to have accurate matches to attributes for key jobs. The NEO-RLS salary survey provides the best and most accurate match for library jobs in the state of Ohio and therefore has the valuable data we need." – Katrina Plourde, Human Resources Director for the Westerville Public Library


Technology Training for ALL Staff

Hiring Challenges

Recruitment Strategies for Hiring Non-Librarian Professional Positions
Thursday, March 3rd at 10 am
Knowing which recruitment strategies to use for hiring non-librarian professional positions has always been a challenge in our libraries, and has been especially difficult during the Pandemic.    In this course, you will learn creative websites to use for recruitment and creative ways to use existing websites.   You will also learn how to utilize partners and vendors to assist you in sorting through the deluge of resumes that you will receive.

Learning Objectives
  • Review of current recruitment sites and their features
  • Temp to hire – the pros and cons
  • Partnering with vendors for specialized positions
Presenter:  Pam Linger is an experienced Human Resources professional and owner of PML Consulting, LLC.  She has experience working both inside organizations as an HR professional, and outside organizations, as an HR consultant. 

Spotlight On…

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What Happened in January

From The State Library

A reminder that applications for the Ohio LSTA Summer Library Program grant are due by February 15. This grant program is to empower Ohio libraries to enhance their 2022 SLP with library-led activities that spark creativity and productivity, engage individuals, and benefit their communities. Libraries may apply for up to $2000 in federal LSTA funds to support their SLP.  
Hold the date…
Take 5’s 10th anniversary event
Take 5: Let’s Talk About It – An Ohio Youth Services Day of Dialogue 
Friday, May 6, 2022, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
IN PERSON! Main Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library, 96 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, Ohio


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Where is the Jobline?

Check out the job postings at the new Jobline location on the website under Services.


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