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I'm Sure There is Someone You Want to Nominate

A Note From the Executive Director

I am so happy this week to be able to shine a spotlight on the work that some of our past NEO-RLS Rising Stars, Shooting Stars ,and Advocacy Award winners are doing within the region.  The NEO-RLS Rising Star Award was initiated in 2013 and the Shooting Star and Advocacy Awards in 2020.  During that time we have been in awe of the impact that our award winners have had on their libraries and communities. As we move toward the June 30th deadline for this year's awards, I encourage you to take a moment to look around your library and think about what has been achieved in the past few years and who has been responsible for moving ideas and initiatives forward effectively and successfully.  With all that has to be done on a regular basis, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are indeed, stars in our midst.  And, whether it's in acknowledging a fantastic idea or program, providing that needed boost of confidence, or helping someone know they have chosen the right career path, the NEO-RLS awards have clearly made an impact on our winners.  Please nominate the stars in your library today!  Together we are maximizing library potential.  Have a great rest of your week! 


Post and Share Continuing Education Opportunities

CE @ a Glance is a simple one-page flyer to distribute to your staff.  You can print it, link it, or post it, please share it.

Spotlight On…

Visit our homepage feature, Spotlight On…, for more information on our newest offerings.  Information about the newly released 2022 Statewide Salary Survey is highlighted.

A Look at Past NEO-RLS Rising Stars and Where They are Now

2014-2015 Winner Liz Straus
Liz is now the Teen/Outreach Services Manager at Dover Public Library.
" As someone relatively new to library services, it was awesome to be nominated for the Rising Star Award. I felt very appreciated and inspired by my peers, and it inspired me to shoot for the moon. "


2016-2017 Winner Marisha Sullivan
Marisha is now the Librarian at Holden Forests & Gardens (aka Cleveland Botanical Garden and The Holden Arboretum). 
"The Rising Star Award really means a lot to me--both that I was recognized so early in my career as someone having an effect on my field and my community and that I was able to continue to grow with access to high-quality professional development resources and networking through NEO-RLS. It was a huge confidence booster at a time when I really needed it and I continue to work to ensure I live up to the honor. [optional bit if you want it longer:] Now as the Librarian for Holden Forests & Gardens, I am using the knowledge I've gained from my library colleagues across NE Ohio to reopen our libraries to our patrons and introduce innovative services and programming to help meet our mission of connecting people with plants and the natural world around them. "


2018-2019 Winner Kalyn Kappelman
Kalyn is the Adult Services Supervisor for the Mayfield and Richmond Heights branches of Cuyahoga County Public Library.
"It was an honor to have my work recognized amongst so many other librarians doing so many awesome things for their communities. It gave me a confidence boost that I was on the right track in my professional career, and it also gave me a sense of responsibility to help mentor others who are looking for ways to enhance their impact on their library's community."

2019-2020 Winner Roxana Rathbun
Roxana is a librarian at Medina County District Library at the Seville Branch.
"Since receiving my award I have gone on to be a part of Leadership of Medina County's LEAD Institute of which I graduated this past May.  I value the Rising Star Award because it has shown me that I am an integral part of my workplace and community. I strive to continue to learn and grow in my position.​"


2020-2021 Winner Amanda J. Balla
Amanda is the Teen & Technology Public Services Librarian at Hubbard Public Library.
"My career path shifted towards the library five short years ago and receiving the NEO-RLS Rising Star Award in 2021 has solidified my belief that I am on the correct path! Within the last year I have been promoted from a part-time Youth Services position to the full-time Teen & Technology Public Services Librarian and I am embracing this new challenge and opportunity to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the library. "

ATTN: Youth Services

A Look at Our Recent NEO-RLS Shooting Stars

2019-2020 Winner Mary Anne Russo
Mary Anne is the Children's Department Supervisor at Hubbard Public Library.
"It was immensely gratifying to be honored as the 2020 recipient of the NEO-RLS Shooting Star Award.  I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to devote my career to carrying out my passion - inspiring families to love books, reading, and libraries."

2020-2021 Award Winner Julia Boxler
Julia is the Youth Programming Manager at Cuyahoga County Public Library.
"Receiving this award has been such a wonderful experience.  It helped to validate tough choices, and gather support for our next steps coming out of the pandemic.  We are working on partnering with local agencies to create a welcoming Family Space where parents can come to receive support, programming, get connected to local resources, and make friends!   A space needed now more than ever to help our kids learn social skills and thrive."

Where is the Jobline?

Check out the job postings at the new Jobline location on the website under Services.

Featuring Our Recent NEO-RLS Advocacy Award Winner

2019-2020 Advocacy Award Winner Cynthia Hirtzel, Friend of the Hubbard Public Library
"When I received this award, I felt both surprised (I had not even known that I had been nominated) and overwhelmingly honored.  All libraries are good, essential to their communities, and critical components of today's society.  Advocating for my favorite library--Hubbard Public Library (HPL), in Hubbard, Ohio--is a privilege and honor.  Since relocating to this area nearly 20 years ago, I have continually been impressed by the quality of HPL librarians and library workers, the programs and activities they create and implement, and the strong role they and HPL have in this community. I have been a Life Member of HPL's non-profit Friends organization since moving here; and since retiring, I have been able to advocate, fund-raise and otherwise support HPL and Friends more actively.  I am grateful I am able to commit more time and efforts on behalf of HPL and libraries in Ohio and more generally.  Thank you, NEO-RLS, for your Advocacy Award.  I cherish this honor and recognition.  "STRONG LIBRARIES=STRONG COMMUNITIES"

OLSSI Annual Conference 20th Anniversary

The Ohio Library Support Staff Institute (OLSSI) is looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary with a face-to-face conference in Columbus this summer.  Please share this message with your coworkers and fellow library staff.  
OLSSI will be held at Otterbein University: July 17th-19th, 2022.
Registration is now open and you can find a list of classes, here.
- While the institute is focused on Support Staff, all library staff are welcome.
OLSSI offers staff from all types of libraries the chance to attend an institute that is part-conference and part-retreat, focused on the professional development of Support Staff.  We look forward to celebrating 20 years of OLSSI this summer and are happy to answer any questions - please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

For Our Academic Libraries

Freedom to Read Forum

The Ohio Educational Library Media Association and Kent State University invite you to attend the Freedom to Read Forum, June 22 8:30a-4p on the campus of KSU. 
This incredible day of learning includes such topics as: 
-Teaching information literacy in the time of censorship
-Book Challenges: Policy & Process
-Courts, Censorship: Ramifications for School Libraries
-Collection Development: Best Practices
-Building a School Community Coalition before the Book Challenge
OELMA members attend for $50 and non-members for $60 with a box lunch included. 
For more information or to register: 


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