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What Our Members Are Saying

"I really thought it was one of the best such workshops I've attended to date. Great presenter and good sense of timing and pace. Loved having the short videos to view in between speaker's presentation."

ATTN: Teen Library Staff

A Note from the Vice President of the Board of Trustees

I’ve never been one to shy away from learning something new and my NEO-RLS transcript can attest to that. I have attended countless conferences, workshops, and webinars facilitated by NEO; I’ve even facilitated a few. Yet, I never saw myself as doing more. When I was encouraged to run for the board, I balked at the idea. It never occurred to me that my voice would be welcome. Not that anyone made me feel like it wouldn’t be, I simply felt like it was a place meant for higher than my position; I’m not a librarian, manager, or supervisor. But it’s important to have our committees and Board reflect the totality of our membership, so I took on this new challenge. It didn’t take long for me to discover I had a different insight and perspective to offer, all of which has been eagerly accepted by my fellow members. And this has been a great experience for me. While learning more about our regional, and how our libraries collaborate, I learned new things about myself. I’m bringing my ideas to the table, chairing committees, and I’m even Vice President this year! I don’t know that I would have been confident about joining, if I hadn’t already built a solid foundation with NEO, so lay the groundwork now! Step out of your comfort zone and make it known that you want to be part of the change you want to see. Your voice is not only welcome, it’s necessary.

Teanna Weeks

Post and Share Continuing Education Opportunities

CE @ a Glance is simple one-page flyer to distribute to your staff.  You can print it, link it, or post it, please share it.

Staff Development Week

Staff Development Week Open to Individuals
We are now opening our Staff Development Week registration to individuals.  The four-day event, "Self Care as Community Care," will feature 5 sessions focused on different facets of self and community care.  The week's offerings are geared to ALL Staff.    The week begins on Monday, January 25th kicked off with Taking Care of Self, Staff, and Community. Click HERE to view the entire week of sessions.  If you do not register you will not have access to these archived webinars until January 2023.  You don’t want to miss it.
2021 Staff Development Week Archives
We are releasing the archived webinars for the 2021 Staff Development Week.  They are listed below:
Creating & Maintaining Good Habits
How to Become a Positive Thinker
How to Improve Your Workplace When You are Not the Boss
How to Move on Emotionally After a Big Workplace Loss
Patience! Patience!
We Need to Talk:  A Step by Step Guide to Difficult Conversations
2021 Breath by Breath: Dealing with Anxiety through Yoga

ATTN: Adult Library Staff

NEO-RLS Announcement

NEO-RLS Adds Learning Levels to Continuing Education Opportunities
Beginning immediately you will notice that there are new logos on the information for our webinars and online workshops.  Based on member suggestions and survey responses we will be labeling programs with F for Foundational, I for Intermediate and A for Advanced.  The logos and explanation key for the levels is featured on our homepage in the Spotlight On… area.   We have also added a question to our program evaluation to determine whether or not you feel the content meets the level.  Your feedback will help us refine the assignment of levels so that we are best able to meet your learning needs.  Together we are maximizing library potential!

Here is What Happened in December

From The State Library

On behalf of the State Library of Ohio, I’d like to invite you to attend the upcoming LSTA Town Hall on Tuesday, January 11th from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. held online via Zoom. During this session, you’ll learn a little more about the LSTA 5-Year Plan evaluation process and meet the team of evaluation consultants from QualityMetrics LLC (Martha Kyrillidou, Tom Hickerson, and Bill Wilson). This is also an opportunity to share how your library has benefitted from LSTA funds in the recent past.

State Library announces 2022 Summer Library Program (SLP) grant program
The purpose of the 2022 Summer Library Program (SLP) grant program is to empower libraries to enhance their 2022 SLP/SRPs with library-led activities that spark creativity and productivity, engage individuals, and benefit their communities. Libraries may apply for up to $2,000 in federal LSTA funds to support their SLP. Libraries must provide 25% in local matching funds. A table is provided to assist with 75% / 25% rule. Deadline is February 15, 2022. Click HERE for more information.

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Where is the Jobline?

Check out the job postings at the new Jobline location on the website under Services.


Computers in Libraries NEO-RLS Discount

Computers in Libraries 2022
NEO-RLS Discount Code: NEO22
Link to register:
Program: - Please note, only the workshop descriptions are available at this time. The complete program will be available soon.


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