NEO-RLS News-June 28, 2021

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A Note from the Executive Director

When I first came to NEO-RLS I had a limited (really a very, very limited) ability to manipulate the information on a website.  I had chaired the museum’s Website Functionality Committee in my previous position but didn’t have to do more than guide the work of suggesting changes to enhance the overall user experience.  The NEO-RLS website is very easy to manipulate for the most part and as a result, I am constantly looking at it and gathering ideas for how to make it increasingly intuitive to use.  Recently, several of our members provided some valuable suggestions regarding the user experience which prompted me to devote a staff meeting to looking at the website again.  In doing so, we came up with a number of ideas and together we have implemented the following which we hope will serve you better.
  • The Archived Webinar Library can now be searched by “Reverse Chronological Order” in order to view the most current archives that have been added OR alphabetically by title.
  • Competencies have been updated to reflect name changes and new additions to the OLC Core Competency List.  For example, see our offerings under the new category of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Information has been consolidated in the drop down menus with redundancies eliminated.
  • Contact information has been added to a number of pages where it had been lacking.
  • Information on webpages has been made more direct.
  • The navigation bar has been consolidated with some categories renamed to better reflect their purpose (Resources has been renamed Services and Get Involved has been renamed Membership).
  • The Jobline has been moved under Services.
Thanks to our members for their suggestions.  Together we are maximizing library potential.  Have a wonderful week!

Betsy Lantz

CE to Print and Share

Don't forget about CE @ a Glance.  A simple one-page flyer to share with your staff.

Notary Training As Requested

There have been many members asking for Notary training.  We are pleased to announce that Roger Rill will present virtually on Tuesday, August 4, 2021 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.  The cost is $75 for everyone.
Beyond The Stamp - Your Role, Responsibilities, and Risks as an Ohio Notary Public

News Literacy

NEO-RLS Announcements

June 30th is the FINAL Day for AWARD Nominations
The nomination period for the Rising Star, Shooting Star and Advocacy Awards ends on June 30th.  Make sure those in your library that are making an impact are recognized.  Nominate someone today!
Thanks for Participating in the NEO-RLS Membership Survey!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide input on our biennial Membership Survey.  We will be analyzing the results and acting upon them in the coming months.  Information from the Survey will be made available to our members at the annual Membership and Appreciation Meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.  Your feedback is invaluable and makes NEO-RLS better!  Together we are maximizing library potential!

To Post or Not Post-All Staff

Where is the Jobline?

Find the Jobline in its new location on the website under Services.

From the State Library

One of many places to find relevant anti-racism resources and supports, for library work and personal growth, is Anti-Racism Resources for All Ages, a growing collection created by Dr. Nicole Cooke, Augusta Baker Endowed Chair at the University of South Carolina College of Information and Communications. The 2021 Ohio Summer Library Program Evaluation survey is now open.

 All Ohio public libraries are asked to report on their summer library program (SLP) at program’s end. Your participation helps the State Library, Regional Library Systems, other partners, and the Collaborative Summer Library Program to provide helpful resources and support for future SLPs. 
  A recording of our most recent Metadata Mini-Grants informational webinar has been posted to the ODN YouTube channel and added to the grants info page as well.
We’ll also be offering an open office hours session to anyone who’d like to drop in and chat about ideas or questions for projects and grant applications.

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Statewide Delivery Update

We are quickly approaching the end of statewide delivery service with Priority Dispatch. Please refer to the following information for important dates and instructions.

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