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A Note from the Chair of the Awards Committee

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Winning a NEO-RLS Award will not get you a chicken dinner, but it will get you some well-deserved recognition for a job well done! It’s that time of year again to begin thinking of that special colleague who deserves recognition for going above and beyond in support of libraries and the communities that we serve!
I’d like to remind everyone of the different awards that are presented by NEO-RLS each year at our Membership Meeting, especially since we added a couple of new awards last year.
The Rising Star Award is awarded to a library employee who has no more than 5 years' experience in libraries and has already had an impact on Northeast Ohio Libraries. 

The Shooting Star Award is awarded to a library employee who has more than 10 years of experience in libraries and has made a sustainable impact in their library and/or community over the years.  

For both the Rising Star Award and the Shooting Star Award, individuals are nominated and the selection of the top 3 nominees and the recipient for each award is made by Wendy Knapp, State Librarian, State Library of Ohio. 
The Advocacy Award is given to those who have supported the libraries of our region through their advocacy efforts. Nominees may be library staff, Board members, Friends of Library members, patrons, local, county or state officials, and legislators. The Advocacy Award may be given to an individual or to a group. Individuals are nominated and the selection of the Advocacy Award recipient(s) is made by the NEO-RLS Awards Committee.
I would also like to thank the members of the Awards Committee who volunteer their time to serve on the Awards Committee to make recommendations for promoting our awards and select the winner(s) of the Advocacy Award: Jessica Divis, Geauga County Public Library; Andrea Legg, North Canton Public Library; Melissa Mallinak, Loudonville Public Library; and Pam Myers, Grafton-Midview Public Library.
Nominating someone for an award is easy! There are links to nomination forms for each award on the NEO-RLS website under the Awards menu.
The deadline for nominations for all of these awards is June 30.
Please take a moment to nominate that special someone in your professional life who takes the time to make an impact on our profession.
Michelle Alleman
Awards Committee Chair and Trustee, NEO-RLS Board of Trustees

CE to Print and Share

Don't forget about CE @ a Glance.  A simple one-page flyer to share with your staff.

NEO-RLS Announcements

Two More Weeks to Complete NEO-RLS Statewide Salary Survey  

Surveys are due April 30th! Please contact Betsy Lantz or Debbie Blair with any questions or concerns. Thanks for participating!

In 2021 we want to celebrate and feature your ability to explore, adapt and transform at our upcoming virtual Emerging Technology Symposium!  Whether you have a completed project, are in the process of a project, or want to promote what you are planning on developing, we invite you to submit your efforts and achievements in a poster session to be featured throughout the month of September as an integral part of the 2021 Virtual Emerging Technology Symposium.  If you would like to present a poster session, please click HERE to fill out our form for submission.  We would like to highlight Follett as our participating vendor this week.
The outline of the discount for
NEO-RLS members is as follows: For more information, contact Debbie Blair.

Draw People Back to Your Libraries

From the State Library

The Libraries and Summer Food guide is a one-stop resource from the Collaborative Summer Library Program for libraries looking to learn more and get involved in the Summer Food Service Program or other ways to connect youth with healthy food. It has been updated for 2021 and covers all the basics. Click HERE for the guide.
The Ohio Department of Education, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, has released the second annual Ohio Healthy Students Profiles. The profiles include measures on health care interactions, health conditions and education indicators for Medicaid-eligible students in kindergarten-grade 12 in Ohio’s public schools for the 2019-2020 school year. All districts and schools with sufficient Medicaid-eligible enrollment (minimum of 30 students) receive profiles. El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day), commonly known as Día, is an everyday celebration of children, families, and reading that culminates yearly on April 30. The celebration emphasizes the importance of literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 2021 is Día's 25th anniversary!

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Employment Opportunities

See what's new!  View Job Postings on the NEO-RLS website. 


The Cochrane Library Online has been made available to all Ohio residents through the Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funding through the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Cochrane contains summaries, reviews, and analysis of evidence-based medical research. (More information.)
Please join us for an introductory training session. These webinars have been arranged exclusively for Ohio public librarians. You can register HERE.
Lorrie Germann has a good synopsis of the Emergency Connectivity Fund and the forthcoming FCC rules.
Hello E-Rate Community,
As many of you have heard, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) which will provide over $7 billion in additional E-rate funding.
As of right now, we have more questions than answers, but here’s what we do and do not know about the new “ECF” program:

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