NEO-RLS News-January 11, 2020

This Might Help with a New Year's Resolution

A Note from the Executive Director

One of the positive benefits of the pandemic has been the fact that we can attend a variety of training and meetings without driving any further than our couches or our offices.   While we at NEO-RLS are the first to believe that working together in-person is energizing and beneficial, the thought of attending training and meetings during the winters in Northeast Ohio can give one pause.   We generally dial back our programming during January for this very reason.  This year, without the weather to contend with, we are offering a plethora of virtual Network Group meetings during the remainder of January.  Bring your ideas and challenges to your colleagues this month.  There are meetings scheduled for Book Discussion (1/20/21), Youth Services (1/25/21), Adult Services (1/26/21), Management (1/27/21), IT (1/27/21), Facilities and Admin (1/28/21), and Technical Services (1/28/21), in the hopes that you will start your year out by sharing with others dealing with similar situations.  And, because we think that getting together with your colleagues is important, even when it is virtually, we have scheduled more Network Group meetings for February.  In addition, we will be implementing new Message Boards (list-servs) for each of our Network Groups beginning March 1, 2021.  The Message Boards will allow you to communicate directly with those involved in your Network Group.  We will be rolling out additional information about the Message Boards as we get closer to March.  Until then, we hope you take the opportunity to network with each other from the comfort of wherever you are currently working.  Thanks and have a safe and healthy week!
Betsy Lantz

CE to Print and Share

Please take a moment to share CE at a Glance with your staff.  There is something for everyone.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Sort It Out! :
Using In-House Classification Systems to Maximize Comics and Graphic Novels
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 10:00 am

Do you struggle to keep your comics collection organized? Comics, graphic novels, and manga that are organized by traditional library classification systems, like Dewey, can become unwieldly and difficult for patrons to find specific items or even browse. Learn how creating an in-house classification system can provide a perfect solution to raise your comics circulations, as well as some cataloging and merchandising tips.

Learning Objectives:
  • A brief overview of comics, graphic novels, and what makes them so unique and challenging to organize
  • Learn examples of in-house classification systems for comics from other libraries across the country and how to adapt those ideas for your library
  • Learn about best practices for cataloging and access to comics

Floyd's Pick

The State Library of Ohio and the Choose to Read Ohio (CTRO) Advisory Council are pleased to announce that Hello by Aiko Ikegami (Creston Books, 2019) has been named the sixth annual Floyd’s Pick Book Award winner, in memory of children’s literature expert, advocate, and librarian Floyd Dickman.

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LSTA Grant Opportunities

The Celebrating Ohio Book Awards and Authors (COBAA) grant is open until next Friday, January 15. I hope you will take a look at this special LSTA grant opportunity. Many Ohio libraries have been able to add to their collections through this easy-to-apply-for grant, which provides funds specifically for collection development purposes, connecting Ohio readers to Ohio authors and Ohio book award winners. The Summer Library Program grant is open through February 1. This grant program is to empower libraries to enhance their 2021 SLP/SRPs with library-led activities that spark creativity and productivity, engage individuals, and benefit their communities. Libraries may apply for up to $1500 in federal LSTA funds to support their SLP.  Local matching funds are not required for this grant. 

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Attention: Teen Library Staff

Important E-rate Dates

January 15th - FY2021 Form 471 Application Window opens at 12:00 noon EST.

January 13th – Close of FY2021 Admin Window – at 11:59 p.m. EST. This is the period before the Form 471 window opens when schools and libraries can update their EPC profiles. 

February 25th - FY2021 Form 470 Application deadline at 11:59 p.m. EST.

March 25th - FY2021 Form 471 Application deadline. Window closes at 11:59 p.m. EDT
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