NEO-RLS News-October 26, 2020

From the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio

A Note from the Executive Director

Have you ever been heavily involved in the implementation of a system migration?  Has your library done a migration and you weren’t involved until you were?    Both scenarios cover the gamut of what can happen when a library decides to change to a new ILS.  The end result can be amazing but getting there can be fraught with surprises and headaches.  Oftentimes, the training aspect needed to bring everyone on board before, during and after a migration, is neglected in the midst of all that is occurring.  Sound fun?  Having been involved in two system migrations at the Ingalls Library of the Cleveland Museum of Art, I know firsthand how critical it is to keep everyone in the loop with the information and skills needed for changing workflows and task responsibilities.  Join us on November 12th as Jennifer Koerber guides us through what is needed to ensure that everyone has the information and training they need beginning Day 1 to successfully do their work.  This is a must attend for anyone who is contemplating a system migration, is in the midst of one, or is even at the tail end.    Have a great week and stay well!

Betsy Lantz

CE to Print and Share

Please take a moment to share CE at a Glance with your staff.  There is something for everyone.

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Get Smart About News

Perhaps you missed the webinar on How to Teach Students and Patrons to Fact-Check Like a Pro.  If so, you are going to want to view the archive!  Click here to register for the archived webinar.  In addition to the content of the webinar, speaker Peter Adams spoke about the following newsletters that we thought would be helpful:

The Sift, the News Literacy Project’s free weekly newsletter for educators — delivered weekly during the school year — explores timely examples of misinformation, addresses media and press freedom topics and discusses social media trends and issues. It also includes links, discussion prompts and activities for use in the classroom.

You can view the archives of the newsletter and sign up here: .  They also publish a concise adaptation of The Sift for non-educators called Get Smart About News. You can view the archives of that newsletter and subscribe here:

Adult Summer Reading

Be sure to join us for the Adult Services Networking meeting on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 1 pm.  This meeting will focus on 2021 Adult Summer Reading, Tails & Tales.  Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Consultant, State Library of Ohio, will kick off the meeting discussing the 2021 CSLP Theme.  When you register, a survey will be sent to you regarding summer reading.  Watch your email and please complete the survey as it will help us to focus the discussion.  Come prepared to talk about summer reading.

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NEO-RLS Announcements

50% Discount to Non-Members of CAR, Historical Societies and Genealogical Societies
On October 20, 2020 the NEO-RLS Board of Trustees voted in favor of offering a 50% discount for webinars, online workshops and for half-day and full-day workshops for current members of the Cleveland Archival Roundtable and employees and volunteers of historical societies and genealogical societies.  
Last Week to Register Your Library for Staff Development Week!
This is the last week to register your library to attend Staff Development Week being held January 25-29, 2021.  Start the New Year with a week packed with Staff Development learning opportunities via live Zoom webinars.  Join your colleagues throughout the region every day or as you can and hear from national and local speakers.  
Customer Service Academy Recognition
We would like to recognize you if you have completed the 8 required hours for the 2020 Customer Service Academy.  Please contact Melissa Lattanzi in order to receive your Certificate of Completion.  To be recognized at our Membership and Appreciation Meeting, you must contact Melissa Lattanzi by Monday, November 2nd.

Training for Migration

From the State Library

NASA Glenn Research Center - STEM Collaboration Opportunities Winter 2020
Right now, NASA is taking steps to begin the next era of exploration, to push the boundaries of human exploration forward to the Moon and on to Mars. NASA is working to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon within the next decade to uncover new scientific discoveries. The Moon provides an opportunity to test new tools, instruments and equipment that could be used on the 34 million mile trip to Mars, including human habitats, life support systems, and technologies and practices that could help us build self-sustaining outposts away from Earth.  Click HERE for more.
Here is the Proposal Form
Reminder: Applications for the State Library of Ohio Metadata Mini-Grant are by Monday November 2, 2020. Please see information about the grant below.
The State Library of Ohio is pleased to announce a new grant program for libraries enabling them to digitize and create new collections for the Digital Public Library of America. Through work with Ohio Digital Network, Ohio’s DPLA Hub, and support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, libraries who are not currently contributing to DPLA can apply for up to $4,999 to remediate metadata for collections that have already been digitized and create new digital collections.

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NOTSL Scholarship

Applications for the 2021 Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians (NOTSL) Jane Myers Scholarship are now being accepted. Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the discretion of the NOTSL Scholarship Committee, not to exceed $500 dependent upon need and number of applicants.

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Virtual Performers' Showcase

NORWELD is hosting a Virtual Performers’ Showcase next Thursday, October 29 from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm. This event is free for members of any Ohio regional library system to attend. If your library is not an RLS member, registration is just $10. There will be a variety of acts, from well-established favorites to new up-and-coming artists, including magicians, storytellers, musical acts and much more.
Learn more and register here.

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