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A Note from the Research and Innovation Coordinator

Over these past few months we have been working hard to find ways to streamline our systems to make things more convenient for our members. One such project has involved our Emerging Tech Kits. Despite the pandemic, we still have had libraries borrow our tech kits in order to find creative ways to serve their patrons. One library used the AR/VR Kit to help put on a virtual program and teach augmented reality to their teens. Another made an interesting request to borrow just our 360-degree camera in order to provide online virtual tours for their library. As a result, we have decided to provide members with the opportunity to borrow individual technology devices so that you can meet the needs of your community in the most effective way.  We are also working with libraries to present virtual emerging technology learning experiences for staff and patrons.
In addition, we have recently created a basic Podcast Kit. This kit comes with accessories including a webcam, tripod, wireless mic, mobile lighting and more for any mobile device or computer so that any library can stream or record programs. In a few weeks, we will be sending out a survey asking you about your future emerging technology needs so we can be better prepared to develop our next new Emerging Tech Kits. Our Classroom Kit, VR and AR Immersive Kit, and our Tablet Kit are all a result of valuable library staff input and requests, and we want to hear your insights again.
Last but not least, we have created a reservation module on our website for convenient booking of these kits. You simply go HERE and click on the period for which you would like to reserve the kit.  
We are excited about these changes and believe they will allow our members to conveniently borrow and use these kits in unique and valuable ways, well suited to your individual communities. As our libraries continue to adapt creatively during this time and beyond, we strive to do the same in order to continue serving our members with relevance and innovation.


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Please take a moment to share CE at a Glance with your staff.  There is something for everyone.

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NEO-RLS Letters of Intent
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The NEO-RLS Letters of Intent will be emailed to your library by the end of October.  For those already planning budgets, the 2021-2022 dues will remain the same as the 2020-2021 dues.  Fees will also remain the same.  We thank you in advance for your continuing support of NEO-RLS!

Customer Service Academy
The final webinar for the Customer Service Academy has ended.  Please notify Melissa Lattanzi by October 30th that you have completed the required 8 webinars in the Customer Service Academy.  Those who have completed the requirements will be recognized at the Annual Membership and Appreciation Meeting on November 17th.  In addition, those who have completed the requirements will be recognized in our newsletter at the end of the year and will receive their certificate in the mail.

Serving Immigrants and Refugees

From the State Library

Access codes for the 2021 CSLP “Tails and Tales” summer reading program manual were emailed to a youth services point person at each Ohio public library on Wednesday. If your library has not received your access code, please let me know. Membership in the Collaborative Summer Library Program is provided to all Ohio public libraries through federal IMLS funding administered by the State Library of Ohio. You are not obliged to use CSLP themes, artwork, or materials; they are for your use, at your discretion, for your summer library program and for programming throughout the year...
The State Library of Ohio is seeking nominations for appointment to a five-year term on the State Library Board. Judge Michael Merz of Columbus will complete his first five-year term on December 31, 2020. The successful appointee will serve January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2025. Board members are eligible to serve two terms on the State Library Board... Next Live Ryan Dowd Webinar: 
Compassionately and effectively working with people with dementia
Some of the issues covered:
What is the science behind dementia?

How can you compassionately work with someone who is agitated or aggressive?

How can you help someone with memory loss?
When: Thursday, October 15 at 2pm EST...

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