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A Note from the Executive Director

In the past several years I have worked on strategic planning with the boards of a variety of libraries and have been asked to develop training for other library boards.  Both activities have provided me with a view into who is participating in library governance.  Having come to NEO-RLS with little public library experience, I found it surprising that most board members serve for seven years and may serve multiple terms.  I found it even more surprising to learn that in some instances, trustees may be appointed for life.  How does this philosophy and practice of governance impact the future of our libraries?  Who is being left out?   Do our communities benefit? I have to believe that current practice makes it more difficult to follow a path toward diversity, equity and inclusion.  While thinking about this I came upon an article in the May issue of Library Journal about the fact that millennials use the library more often than any other age group and yet they are not represented on library boards at a comparable rate.  A group of ALA Emerging Leaders decided to conduct a survey to find out why.  Survey responses showed that millennials weren’t participating in the governance of libraries because they weren’t asked.  The group then took the results of the survey and utilized them to put together information on recruiting and retaining millennial board members.  The group is now going to expand their scope to increasing ethnic diversity among board members.  We can provide diversity training for staff and implement diversity measures in hiring, but increasing diversity at the governance level is crucial if we want our libraries to move effectively into the future - open to new ways of thinking and cementing relationships with heretofore ignored segments of our communities.  Make certain that we are maximizing our libraries' potential by taking a look at how your library recruits and retains trustees.  Have a good week and stay well!

Betsy Lantz

CE to Print and Share

Please take a moment to share CE at a Glance with your staff.  There is something for everyone.

Resilience in Challenging Times

Join us at 10 am on Wednesday, September 23rd for Resilience in Challenging Times an online workshop.
Do you know someone who keeps on keeping on, no matter what life throws at them?  How do they continue to thrive, flourish and grow even stronger as they overcome the obstacles they face?  The answer is resilience which is described as “the process of facing adversity and bouncing back from difficult experiences.

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NEO-RLS Announcements

Mark Your Calendars for the NEO-RLS 2020 Membership and Appreciation Meeting!
This year our Membership and Appreciation Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 from 10:45 -12:30.  We will welcome our new State Librarian, Wendy Knapp, who will speak about her vision for the State Library of Ohio...
Awards Deadline September 1st
Do you deserve an award?  Do you know someone who does?  Along with the Rising Star Award which honors a library employee with no more than five years’ experience, we now have the NEW Shooting Star Award...

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Customer Service Academy

News From Other Sources

The following message is sent on behalf of the Ohio Governor’s Expedited Pardon Project:
We wanted to share with you some exciting new resources and training opportunities for the Ohio Governor’s Expedited Pardon Project, which is aimed at enhancing and expediting the process by which people apply for clemency under Ohio’s laws...
Free Webinar: How to Run a Librarian in Training Program For Children!
Wednesday, August 19th from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

Johnson City (Tennessee) Public Library’s Librarian-in-Training program is a 15-week program for children ages nine to twelve that provides an overview of library occupations and services...

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