NEO-RLS News-July 20, 2020

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A Note from the Executive Director, Betsy Lantz

My wide-flung extended family has been participating in a weekly Zoom call throughout the pandemic.  We cover a wide variety of topics in our conversations and every other week we are discussing the book, Stand Your Ground, by Kelly Brown Douglas.  It has been a wonderful experience, helping to keep us connected while also providing us with a new opportunity to grow even closer as we discuss our concerns about all that has been happening around us.  Last night we were focused on the reopening of schools as five of the nine people participating are educators, ranging from a 5th grade Math teacher to a high school French teacher, a teacher of at-risk high school students and two university faculty.  Regardless of their age, the age of students they teach, or the location in which they teach, everyone was worried about the lack of cohesiveness in plans to reopen and the issues of what parents and students will be dealing with given the variety of possible reopening scenarios.  All of this led me to think about the question I was asked on Friday last week by a library director who wanted to know if other libraries had been asked to support the schools in their communities with programming for students.  I didn’t know the answer to that question but I suspect, that as events unfold, it will become a more common request.  The same person also asked whether or not the library should actually consider the appeal to open to children and youth in order to fill that request.  Again, I didn’t have the answer to that question either.  But I do know that as people who work in libraries, many will want to help fill these needs.  I would be very interested in knowing if your library has been asked to assist with programming for students once schools reopen and if so, how you are planning to proceed.   I will be happy to share any responses that I receive in a future newsletter.  Enjoy your week and stay well!

Betsy Lantz

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How to Guide Library Employees Back on Track

Course Correction:
How to Guide Library Employees Back on Track
Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 2 pm

Some managers think that the best way to correct poor library workplace behavior is to wait until someone does something wrong, and then tell the person in front of a crowd how they failed: in detail and going back several decades. A better approach is to create an assignment that deals with a single concrete behavior, which can be measured or observed.

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Recognizing and reacting to Mental Health Challenges
in Adolescents and Young Adults

The Quiet Approach for Serving Customers
Resilience in Challenging Times

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NEO-RLS Announcements

A HUGE Thank You to Our Members
The NEO-RLS Board of Trustees and Staff want to thank our members for their support throughout the pandemic...
NEO-RLS Welcomes New Board Members

Leadership Opportunities – Volunteers Wanted!
Getting involved in a NEO-RLS Board Committee is a great way to learn, network and have an impact on the libraries in the region...

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Customer Service Academy

From BiblioBoard

Free Sim Use Comics For All Your Patrons Through August 31st
As library buildings have remained closed or have only recently phased open, we have focused our energy on continuing to support our remote services to ensure libraries can thrive in virtually supporting their communities during this unprecedented time.

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Join SWON as we host 3 - 4 performers to showcase their skills both virtual and beyond! ...
Antiracist Collection Development & Programming for Middle School & High School Youth
Right now, we are a profession called to lead the charge for antiracist work. It’s time for listening, reflecting, and thoughtful action...

News Literacy Instruction Workshop for Ohio
There has never been more information (and misinformation!) available to library users...

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