NEO-RLS News-June 29, 2020

A Note from the Executive Director, Betsy Lantz

Aside from providing continuing education, the staff at NEO-RLS also strives to be continual learners in order to improve on what we do and how we do it.  This week’s newsletter is a perfect example of that.  As you will hopefully have noticed immediately, the newsletter’s appearance is very different from those in the past as it includes a much better balance of graphics and text.  In addition, we are going to be grouping articles on like topics together for your convenience and have abbreviated the text information for items so you can click through if you are interested or easily scroll through if you are not.  We have included our tagline at the top along with our web address and have also made our logo clickable to access the website.  We know that many of you rely on the newsletter to provide information on the learning opportunities available and we want it to be useful and easy to use for everyone.  A huge thank you and credit for the redesign goes to the members of our Ad Hoc Marketing/PR Committee for all of their insightful suggestions and their collective expertise!  We couldn’t have done it without them and will continue to rely on them for further improvements.  If you have suggestions regarding the newsletter, let me know.  If you would like to be part of the team that provides ideas to help NEO-RLS evolve and grow in service to its members, let me know.  We will be recruiting volunteers for our Board Committees next month and would love to have you join us.  Together we are maximizing library potential!  Stay well and have a great July 4th!

Betsy Lantz

American Sign Language

Connecting with Community and Families in Support of Youth

Ask yourself, how am I connecting with community partners and families while libraries are closed and social distancing is enforced? 

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Making the Shift: Increasing Staff Engagement & Reducing Drama
Course Correction: How to Guide Library Employees Back on Track

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NEO-RLS Announcements

Awards Deadline September 30th
Do you deserve an award?  Do you know someone who does?  Along with the Rising Star Award which honors a library employee with no more than five years’ experience, we now have the NEW Shooting Star Award ...
Share your Emerging Technology Project
Have a great technology program, project, service or event that you have implemented at your library and would like to feature?...
Share Library Impact Stories During Covid-19 With Ohio’s Legislators
Do you have a story to tell about how your library helped your community in a meaningful way during the pandemic? ...

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Newest Tapas Learning

Enjoy our fifth NEO-RLS Tapas Learning video: short, sharable lessons about library services.

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News From Other Sources

You’re most likely in the middle of summer reading, or just rolling out your summer library program now. SO much is different this year, but your level of busyness is probably as high as ever...
Please join the Ohio Digitization Interest Group for our first-ever virtual meeting, hosted by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, at 10:30am on Thursday, July 23, 2020...

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Office Closed in Observance of July 4th

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