NEONews August 19, 2019

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A Note from the Executive Director

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the NEO-RLS Board Committees for Finance, Bylaws/Policy and our newly established Ad Hoc Committee for Marketing/PR.  Are you interested in learning more about how the regional’s finances are structured?  Want to have a say in how dues and other fees are determined?  Then the Finance Committee is for you!  Want a role in creating the rules and policies that govern the organization and the decisions made? Then the Bylaws/Policies Committee is for you!  Interested in sharing your expertise on creating effective messaging and the best ways to convey that messaging?  Then the Marketing/PR committee is for you!  There is a place at the table for anyone interested in working with us as we continue serving the region’s libraries in the most relevant, cost-effective and beneficial manner possible.  We want your input and expertise.  If you are interested or have questions, email me at Thanks!  I look forward to hearing from you.
Betsy Lantz

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