Register TODAY for the 2021 Virtual Emerging Technology Symposium!

This year marks our 8th Emerging Technology Symposium - the 2nd time it has been held virtually, and the 1st time it has been sponsored as a statewide event by NEO-RLS, NORWELD, SERLS, SWON and the State Library of Ohio.  It will run throughout the entire month of September, it's free and you can register TODAY!
The theme of this year’s Symposium focuses on the incredible ability of the nation's libraries to explore, adapt and transform through the use of emerging technology.  Libraries are always seeking new and responsive ways in which to meet the needs of their communities.  In recent years libraries have engaged emerging technologies in a variety of creative ways to build tech literacy, bridge the tech and digital divide, and make innovation accessible to all. In the past year, libraries have responded and adapted swiftly during the pandemic, utilizing technology to evolve their services in a safe and inventive manner. As we enter a new landscape, the 2021 Symposium will celebrate libraries and their emerging tech ideas as they continue to transform their services in exceptional ways.
The Symposium will feature national speakers who have demonstrated an incredible ability to take emerging technology into new territories in libraries. Their projects highlight the value of thinking and generating big ideas but, even more importantly, they demonstrate that it takes a village and focus to execute and develop. They will explain their strategies, experiences, challenges, failures and successes, all of which are paths to innovation. We will also hear from multiple poster sessions throughout the month, showcasing projects that have employed emerging technology to enhance services or take library services to the next level. Join us to celebrate and learn how libraries have, and can, explore, adapt and transform.