More than 101 NEO-RLS Archived Webinars Now Available for Mobile Devices

Below is a continuously updated list of the NEO-RLS archived webinars that have been converted for use on mobile devices.  To register, search for them under Archived Webinars.  Once you have registered, you will be sent an email confirmation which will include a link for desktop viewing near the top of the email.  Further down in the email you will find a link for viewing on a mobile device.  Please contact us if you have questions.​​
  1. 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten
  2. 2020 Census
  3. The 411 on 211
  4. The Accidental Trainer: How to Create & Teach Tech in Your Library
  5. Adult Book Buzz with Penguin Random House Spring 2020
  6. Adult Programming Ideas: 20 Adult Programming Ideas
  7. Adult Programming Ideas: 20 More Adult Programming Ideas
  8. And the Winner Is (YS selection process for most Youth Media Awards)
  9. Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Training for Managers 
  10. The Art of Customer Service
  11. Battle of the Books
  12. Battle of the Books (Teen Edition)
  13. Best Practices in Performance Documentation
  14. Beyond Rosetta Stone: How Libraries Can Support English Language Learners
  15. Book Club Reboot: Creative Twists on the Reading Groups We Know and Love
  16. Brainstorming and Innovation
  17. Breath by Breath
  18. Boys, Books and Libraries: Making the Connection
  19. Build a Better World with Upcycled Materials
  20. Bullet Journal Basics A Cataloger’s Tips
  21. But I Saw It On the News
  22. Canva Creative
  23. Caring for the Mind
  24. Cataloging for the Rest of Us
  25. Cataloging is Not Neutral: Improving Equity and Inclusion in Resource Description
  26. Changing the World One Subject Heading at a Time
  27. Classroom Management Techniques
  28. Collaborating with the Cataloging Lab
  29. College Readiness: A Collaboration Between Local Schools and Colleges
  30. Copyright Basics
  31. Creating a Coding Club in Your Library
  32. Creating a Culture of Yes
  33. Creating a Resume Review Program in Your Library
  34. Creating Programs for Patrons in Their 20s and 30s
  35. Customer Service at the Library: Cultivating Loyal Library Customers
  36. Day for Page Supervisors: Hiring on the Fly
  37. Delivering Effective & Strategic Performance Appraisals 
  38. Designing the Future: Using Human-Centered Design to Implement Service Improvements
  39. Don’t Do This! Interview Mistakes to Avoid
  40. Effective Workplace Communications for New Supervisors
  41. Electronic Records Management
  42. Employee Onboarding
  43. Encore Entrepreneurship
  44. Everyday Disability: Welcoming Patrons with Disabilities
  45. Ewww Is That a Bed Bug
  46. Fast and Affordable Methods for Training Staff on Geneology
  47. A Firm Grasp: The Nonverbals of Influential Leadership
  48. Free Tools for Working With Graphics and the Web
  49. From Peer to Leader
  50. Gadgets and Gizmos 2020
  51. Graphic Novels for All Patrons
  52. Handling Angry Customers with Tact and Skill 
  53. Highly Effective Meetings
  54. Hire for Success
  55. Homework Help Centers
  56. Hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at Your Library
  57. Hottest Tech Toys for the Holidays 2018
  58. Hottest Tech Toys for the Holidays 2019
  59. How to Make Outlook and Calendar Work for You 
  60. HR Stuff Everyone Should Know
  61. Human Trafficking 101
  62. I Didn’t Know You Did That—Public Library Board Game Circulation
  63. If It’s Broke, Fix It: Handling Leftover Challenges Effectively
  64. If You Know More, You’ll Find More: A Cataloger’s Tips on Getting the Most from Your Catalog
  65. The Impact of Words: Words to Use vs. Words to Lose (Patrons)
  66. Increase Library Usage through Strategic Merchandising
  67. Intellectual Freedom…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  68. It’s a Manager’s Job to Motivate Staff
  69. KEPRO-Free Medicare Services & Resources for Seniors
  70. Legal Reference Guidelines & Basic Legal Research Resources
  71. Levy Webinar for All 
  72. The Librarian as Candidate: How to Activate Voters and Constituents for Support
  73. The Library as Cause
  74. Library Services for Immigrants (and your community)
  75. Library Technology Planning for Today and Tomorrow: Part 1
  76. Library Website Design: Is Your Library Website an Obstacle Course?
  77. Maintaining a Peaceful Attitude: How to Bring Positivity into the Workplace
  78. Managing Change
  79. Managing Change and Worry in Times of Uncertainty
  80. Mastering Uncomfortable Conversations with Library Visitors
  81. Mastering Uncomfortable Conversations with Employees, Co-Workers and Bosses
  82. Meetings That Matter
  83. Moving Forward Through the Fog: Navigating the Internet in a Post-Truth Era
  84. Movin’ Up: Transitioning From Peer to Supervisor
  85. Navigating Ohio’s Library Organizations
  86. Office in Your Pocket
  87. The Ohio Ethics Law: It’s Everybody’s Business!
  88. Paint Night: How to Do This At Your Library
  89. Preparing to Reopen After the Stay at Home Order
  90. Professionalism: Rules for Success
  91. Programming for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  92. Providing Top Notch Health Information in the Library
  93. Quick Copy Writing Tips That Work
  94. RA Rethink
  95. RA For All
  96. RDA in Practice: Enrichment vs. Original Cataloging
  97. Recharge Your Book Club
  98. Reducing Friction: Library User-Experience on a Budget, Online and In Your Building
  99. Reference Reboot: Refreshing Your Reference Interview and Information Searching Skills
  100. Self-Care is Not Selfish
  101. Serving the Forgotten Patrons: Libraries in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Dementia
  102. Shut Up and Listen: How We Used Social Listening to Connect with Customers/Students and Build a Community
  103. Smart Voice Assistants
  104. Soft Skills for Strong Management
  105. Spanish in a Pinch for Library Staff
  106. Teaching Better Behavior: Social-Emotional Learning in Library Programming
  107. Team + Work = TEAMWORK
  108. Teen Programming: A Mover and Shaker’s Recipe for Impact and Success
  109. That’s Already Encumbered
  110. They’re Not Kids Anymore: Adult Learning Basics for Library Program Planners
  111. Time Management for All
  112. Time Management: Yours and Theirs
  113. Tips and Best Practices for Hosting a Successful Cord Cutting Class
  114. To Tag or Not to Tag
  115. Tools to Improve Your Workflow and Increase Productivity
  116. Travel Agent in Your Pocket
  117. Tweens…Afterschool Behavior: To Battle or Engage?
  118. The Welcoming Library
  119. Understanding the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for You and Your Library
  120. We Can’t Stop Doing That!
  121. What Are They Thinking? Teen Behavior in Your Library
  122. What The Heck Happened? 2019 Employment Law Update
  123. What Your Body is Saying: Interpreting Body Language for Patrons and Staff
  124. Winning Library Grants
  125. Working as a Team: Where do I Fit In
  126. Why Buy the Cow? Milk These Informational Resources for Free (Databases)
  127. Kids and YA Book Buzz with Penguin Random House
  128. You Can Be the Expert: Tech Troubleshooting with Confidence 101
  129. You Can Be the Expert: Tech Troubleshooting with Confidence 201
  130. Youth Readers Advisory Webinar: Make the Connection