Teanna Weeks Joins NEO-RLS Board of Trustees

Teanna Weeks, Library Services Support Specialist, Office of Technology and Media Services, has worked at the Shaker City School District for five years and has more than 20 years in the library world under her belt. When she’s not busy cataloging, she’s doing her nails, doing Zumba, or listening to BTS; sometimes all three at once!

When Teanna was asked why she wanted to serve on the NEO-RLS Board of Trustees she responded as follows: "Having had the pleasure of presenting for NEO-RLS, as well as attending numerous webinars and in-person trainings facilitated by the organization, I have developed a true appreciation for the work that is done by the staff. I would like to join the Board to work with NEO-RLS, in support of their vision, mission, and values, and to cultivate an inclusive relationship between the organization and all types of libraries and library workers."  

Teanna will serve in the School Library seat on the Board of Trustees.  Her term will run July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2022.  Please welcome Teanna!